What is Content Marketing, How is it Done?

The globalized world has brought innovations to the field of marketing. Content marketing, which has gained a significant place in digital marketing, is among the widely used marketing methods.

What is Content Marketing, How is it Done?

Providing access to large audiences in a short period, content marketing increases memorability with its creative structure. What is content marketing, which frequently makes a name for itself in digital marketing?

In this article titled 'What is Content Marketing, How is it Done?' we will provide you with information about content marketing. You can review this article and gain insights into content marketing, an important digital marketing strategy for your brand.

What is Content Marketing?

With the widespread use of the internet, various marketing methods have emerged. Content marketing, which is one of the leading methods and provides significant advantages to brands, is a set of specially determined and implemented steps to prompt the targeted audience to take action.

Content marketing, conducted through the internet, is an ideal method for reaching potential customers who may be interested in the brand's products or services. Carried out on websites and social media applications, content marketing allows the brand to stand out from competitors.

The Importance of Content Marketing

Content marketing is extremely important for brands. A content marketing strategy specially prepared to increase brand awareness and build customer loyalty also brings about an increase in revenue.

It assists in reaching the target audience quickly. Content marketing enables the brand to stand out in the digital environment. A well-prepared strategy provides significant advantages to the brand.

Advantages of Content Marketing

İçerik Pazarlamasının Avantajları

Content marketing manages to offer many advantages for brands with its various features. The advantages of content marketing can be listed as follows:

  • Content marketing provides the opportunity for customers and potential customers to obtain detailed information about the brand, allowing the highlighted features desired to be reflected in your brand. This marketing method helps you take steps by learning about customer satisfaction, brand image, target audience expectations, interaction, customer interest, reactions to new products, and customers' feelings about the brand.
  • The marketing method that allows you to create a conscious consumer base ensures that customers have the products they need through accurate information sharing. Thus, brand reliability increases.
  • Brand awareness is achieved. Brands that produce content regularly succeed in standing out in the virtual environment. You can increase awareness by using titles and search engine optimizations that make the brand stand out.
  • It helps meet customer needs. Individuals researching products or services develop a positive impression of the brand when they access the information they need. Their inclination towards the brand is positively influenced when they need the products and services offered by the brand.
  • A personalized advertising and marketing strategy can be implemented. The memorability of the brand is ensured by using images, colors, texts, and videos that will be identified with the brand.

Types of Content Used in Content Marketing

İçerik Pazarlamasında Kullanılan İçerik Türleri

When examining examples of content marketing, various types of content can be observed. Contents consisting of types such as visual, video, audio, text, and newsletters successfully cater to different desires and needs. Types of content that increase the impact rate created in the target audience provide access to customers at any time.

Blog Contents

Blog contents, also known as blog marketing, are among the most commonly used content types in content marketing. Blog contents, utilized from search engines, are used on the brand's website with text, visual, or video content. Blog contents, which include topics that individuals are curious about, create a connection between the customer and the brand.

Visual Contents

Visual contents used in content marketing can cover many different topics. The use of visuals that tell the brand's story, introduce products and services, and adapt to the desired narrative increases the memorability of the business.

Video Contents

Video contents, allowing creative storytelling of many subjects in a short period, are strengthened with moving visuals and sound. Video contents that manage to attract attention have become a crucial part of content marketing. Video contents increase the interaction of the website or social media account and establish an emotional connection with customers.


Podcasts, rapidly gaining popularity in the modern world, have become an indispensable element of content marketing. Audio broadcast tools that provide access to customers anytime, anywhere can increase brand awareness when prepared with experts in the field.

Social Media Shares

Social media shares, an important answer to the question 'What is digital content marketing?', provide access to large audiences. Social media shares can be realized with photos, videos, and live broadcasts. Besides the brand's account, creating brand awareness in targeted audiences can be achieved by collaborating with influencers suitable for the brand.

Email Newsletters

Email newsletters have become the most frequently used content marketing method by brands since the emergence of the internet. Despite many innovations in content marketing that allow customers to be informed about new products, services, campaigns, and discounts, email newsletters are still one of the commonly used marketing methods.


The ease of access to information has led to an increase in misleading information. Internet users aim to quickly access real data in their research. Infographics bring together brand data with various text and visuals, allowing information to be conveyed in a practical way. Accurate information and creative designs increase brand interaction.

How to Create a Content Marketing Strategy?

Creating a content marketing strategy requires bringing together many factors. After detailed research on the brand and target audience, it is crucial to determine the strategy steps and take action.

The stages of the content marketing process can be listed as follows:

Define Your Goal

The foundational step in the stages of content marketing is the goal. Clearly defining the brand's purpose helps determine other steps and contributes to achieving the desired result from the strategy. Various goals can be set in content marketing methods.

Increasing brand awareness, building customer loyalty, campaign promotion, product and service promotion, and increasing sales are some of the primary goals in content marketing. Designing messages and content that align with the defined goal is essential for an effective marketing process.

Examine Your Target Audience

The characteristics of the target audience have a significant impact on managing the marketing process. In addition to basic features such as age, gender, and education level, the interests and shopping habits of individuals in the audience should be examined to create an accurate strategy.

Conduct Keyword Research

When the investigation of the target audience is insufficient, the use of keywords becomes crucial. Keywords consist of the most frequently searched terms by the targeted customers in the digital environment. Using frequently searched keywords relevant to the content topic elevates your brand to higher rankings. Various websites can be utilized for keyword research.

Decide on the Type of Content

There is a significant connection between the type of content and the target audience. Choosing a content type that aligns with the characteristics and habits of the target audience can successfully increase brand awareness. Analyzing the target audience for content types such as social media, email newsletters, blogs, and podcasts allows you to create content in one or more formats.

Create and Publish Your Content

After designing the content marketing strategy, it's time to move on to the implementation phase. Content must be carefully created, reflecting the intended message clearly and accurately. After creating content, it should be published on appropriate channels. By paying attention to the days and times when content is published, you can successfully increase engagement.

Track Your Content

The content marketing strategy does not end with the publication of content. Interaction and feedback from users should be monitored after publication. Following a detailed review, an analysis related to the marketing process should be conducted, and any changes that need to be made immediately or in the future should be reported.

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